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Benefits of Adoption for Birth Mothers

Real Alternatives

At Real Alternatives, women facing unplanned pregnancy find nonjudgmental support and assistance. Real Alternatives helps expectant mothers to understand available options, including adoption, and how such a choice may benefit them and their children.

When a woman chooses adoption, her choice benefits not only her baby and the adoptive family but herself as well. First, she avoids a major financial burden that she may not feel ready to undertake. She also allows herself not to take on the emotional responsibility of caring for a child, but to wait for a stage in life when she is more prepared to do so.
At the same time, the expectant mother is able to be the child's first parent. She makes the decision about who will raise the baby and, in doing so, chooses where and in what kind of environment the child will grow up. She may also be able to choose to what degree she will be involved in the child's life, depending on the type of adoption that she chooses.
Moreover, the birth mother receives support for her own health and wellness. She receives financial compensation for her maternity care and may receive counseling for herself and for any involved family members. She also gives herself the peace of mind of knowing that her child will grow up in a loving home, where caring parents will provide for his or her needs.

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