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Coping with an Unplanned Pregnancy

Real Alternatives

Real Alternatives provides a number of services to women facing an unexpected pregnancy. Real Alternatives works with a network of trusted service providers in order to support the needs of the woman in her parenting or adoption decision.

Learning about an unplanned pregnancy can be one of the most shocking moments of a woman’s life. There are many pressures that can make the unexpected pregnancy a crisis. There are many decisions to make and questions to answer. Those around the woman might want things “back to normal,” like it never happened. And she might think it would be great to just be “not pregnant” again. But the truth is that nothing will ever change the fact that she was pregnant.

Support is available. They are not alone. There are nonprofit charitable organizations staffed with women that care about these women in crisis and their future. They can provide support every step of the way, without judging or telling them what to do. Counselors take the time to meet the woman where she is and assist her to overcome pressure and obstacles which empowers them.
Women are encouraged to take charge of what happens and decide what is best for them—best for them now and for the rest of their life. They have choices to make and each choice has its own consequences. Friends and family will have opinions and offer advice, but only they can choose what is right. Only they have to live with their decision. Rushing into important decisions is usually not a smart idea.

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