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How Adoption Can Benefit Everyone Involved

Real Alternatives

Real Alternatives provides counseling and a range of support services to expectant mothers, with an emphasis on choosing parenting or adoption instead of abortion. Making the decision to place a child up for adoption is difficult. However, Real Alternatives offers support to those who make this decision and highlights some of the benefits of its work for all involved via its website.

Birth mothers have the opportunity to ensure their children enjoy happy lives with adoptive parents who have prepared themselves, both emotionally and financially, for the challenges of parenthood. As a result, the child gains access to a stable home, which may even include brothers and sisters, and often experiences a greater probability of a sound education that will help the child move on to college later in life.
Beyond this, the mother not only has the opportunity to bring joy to others through placing a child up for adoption, but also benefits from counseling and various support services, such as housing support, when working alongside Real Alternatives.

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