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Key Patient Safety Issues Related to Abortion

A provider of abortion alternatives and pregnancy counseling, Real Alternatives operates alongside a network of more than 140 service providers throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Real Alternatives helps pregnant women understand their options outside of abortion and highlights some of the safety concerns of the abortion procedure.

Prior to signing a consent form for an abortion, a patient should ask if the abortion provider is willing to provide access to support services should the patient choose not to abort. In addition, a patient should discuss the current status of her unborn child, paying particular attention to how the child has developed, what it can do in its current state, and what it feels.
Discussions should take place concerning the potential physical and psychological implications of abortion, such as infections, depression, future complications, and anniversary syndrome, and the abortion provider should confirm that it renders treatment or offers access to a hospital should complications arise. To find out more about the alternatives to abortion, visit

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