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Mike Pence Introduces Real Alternatives in Indiana

Real Alternatives

Real Alternatives is a Pennsylvania-based provider of pro-life support services focused on women considering an abortion. Real Alternatives’ life-affirming perspective and service provider center network has enabled it to expand to states such as Michigan and Indiana.

It was then-Governor Mike Pence who, in late 2015, announced Indiana’s decision to enable a $2.25 million expansion of Real Alternatives’ national program statewide. Interviewed by Indiana Right To Life, Pence spoke of a successful one-year pilot program in northern Indiana that far exceeded its mandate to serve 3,000 clients and wound up assisting nearly 9,000 women across 16 service sites.
Pence described the charitable nonprofit as being of great importance to the Hoosier state’s well-being, as it helps women obtain quality prenatal care and support at physical and emotional levels. He also drew attention to the nonprofit’s reputation for maintaining the highest levels of fiscal accountability and stewardship to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used in a responsible manner.

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