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Proper Responses to Forced Abortion Situations

Real Alternatives

Since its inception in 1996, Real Alternatives has provided more than 275,000 women in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan with a variety of pregnancy-related services such as clothing, temporary shelter, and free self-test kits. Additionally, Real Alternatives operates a hotline (1-888-LIFE-AID) that provides free counseling services.

Real Alternatives' counselors, a number of whom are bilingual, closely listen to the concerns of expecting mothers and provides them with potential resolutions. One topic that the nonprofit agency specializes in is forced abortion, which is against the law.
The decision to have an abortion falls upon the expecting mother and nobody else. In fact, a physician who performs an abortion without informed consent from the pregnant woman may face charges.
If a woman feels as though she is being pressured or forced into having an abortion against her will, she should make clear her intention to keep the child to every medical professional that she meets. Even if she is under 18, her rights are protected under the law. For more information on services available from Real Alternatives, call 1-888-LIFE-AID.

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