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Real Alternatives Counselors Provide Compassionate Care

Real Alternatives

For thousands of women who have experienced unplanned pregnancies and felt pressured to have an abortion, Real Alternatives’ network of 144 pregnancy support centers have provided support and understanding. Caring counselors listen to the women’s stories and support them throughout their pregnancies, helping them to view their experiences in a positive light and find life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

A focus on counseling means women in the program don’t feel alone. The counselors connect mothers with parenting classes and information on adoption, supporting them from the time of conception and for as long as a year after their children are born.
“Compassionate trained counselors assess each woman’s situation and assist her in developing a positive approach to her pregnancy, said Kevin Bagatta, the president and CEO of Real Alternatives.
Real Alternatives administers pregnancy support and parenting programs in three states. Over the course of the 20 years that it has been in operation, the organization has helped more than 300,000 women.

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