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Real Alternatives’ Full Range of Support Services for Pregnant Women

Real Alternatives

Headquartered in Pennsylvania and with supportive services extending to Indiana and Michigan, Real Alternatives partners with over 140 service providers nationwide, including adoption agencies and pregnancy support centers. Real Alternatives has a core message that affirms life and encourages women to grow into their roles as the mothers of healthy and happy babies.

Accessible at 1-888-LIFE AID, counseling services are completely confidential and begin with helping women who are considering abortion to understand exactly what is involved in ending the life of an unborn child. Supportive services extend throughout the pregnancy, as well as the first year of the infant’s life.
During pregnancy, girls in school are able to access resources to enable them to continue on their academic paths. References are provided to support agencies that offer assistance, ranging from health-focused counseling to food and medical care. Expectant mothers who lack financial resources can also access funds that ensure that their basic lifestyle needs are met. Those without a place to live can obtain assistance in finding safe, comfortable temporary accommodation that allow them to put their full focus on carrying their babies to term.

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