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Real Alternatives Offers New Perspectives and Hope

Real Alternatives

Real Alternatives offers a range of crisis pregnancy services and resources to women and families in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana. Working with the goal of providing alternatives to abortion, the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based nonprofit partners with the three states’ government social service agencies to provide assistance through nearly 150 crisis pregnancy centers. As a result of the efforts of Real Alternatives, more than 300,000 women in the Great Lakes region have experienced caring, nonjudgmental help through one of the most difficult times in their lives.

The organization’s website highlights inspiring stories from the women it has helped. One client experienced an unplanned pregnancy while attending culinary school; knowing that her family wouldn’t want her to keep the baby, she kept the pregnancy a secret until an ad for Real Alternatives caught her attention. She called the number and found a warm, supportive community at one of the group’s maternity homes. She decided to keep her baby, and went on to get an apartment for herself and the child she has come to love.
Another client, after making positive changes in her life, decided to become a social worker so that she could lift up others, just as she had been uplifted.
These and other women have found a strong sense of family and hope in the programs affiliated with the organization.

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