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Responding to an Unplanned Pregnancy as a Parent

Real Alternatives

Pennsylvania-based Real Alternatives coordinates confidential care, support, and counseling to women who are expecting babies. The services provided range from arranging medical care to ensuring that the baby is well looked after following birth. Affirming life, Real Alternatives also offers resources designed to help the boyfriends and parents of women who experience unplanned pregnancies receive the loving support that they are entitled to.

As a parent, finding out that your teen is pregnant often comes as a major shock, which can leave the daughter feeling helpless and alone. Common reactions range from anger and worry to a sense of guilt, as if they themselves hold responsibility for their daughter’s actions.
When communicating with one’s offspring in such a situation, remember that your response will have a significant influence on how she handles being pregnant and what decisions she ultimately makes.
It is acceptable to express disappointment, as this is a measure of just how much you care. At the same time, support and love must be shown, as well as encouragement to continue with her education and seek out pregnancy-related counseling. Most importantly, listen to her concerns and thoughts carefully, without projecting your expectations on the teen.
Through calling 1-888-LIFE AID, it is possible to receive material and counseling support that can bring the family together on an important new chapter in the life of your daughter and her unborn child.

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